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It’s important that your website is as professional as your law firm

When you are an attorney seeking an website solution for your firm, design may not be your first priority. It’s likely that you’re looking at more practical things, like how much the website design will cost, how hosting is priced, what features are included, how well the website integrates with other tools and sites, etc. What you may not be thinking about is how the website is going to be laid out, what colors you might use, whether serif or non-serif would be better, what your action stimuli will be, etc. In fact, you may think that design is the one area where you don’t really need something especially impressive–you just want to get your attorney website online, right?

Website Considerations

Unfortunately, how well your website is designed is as important as how well you dress when you go to an interview. And just like you wouldn’t make your own suit to save money, you don’t want to rely on a DIY website solution for your firm. Internet users are sensitive to thousands of tiny details that you may not be aware of, and the slightest misstep can be the difference between a new client and a lost customer. We always very highly suggest that attorneys look for professional design to keep the impression of their firm the very highest possible.

Educate Yourself

However, just because you plan to hire a professional doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t educate yourself about the basics of web design. The more you know, the more knowledgable you’ll be when hiring a professional, and the better you’ll be able to express your preferences and needs. Don’t let a professional web designer take advantage of your business–know what you’re talking about so that you can recognize good design when you see it.